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The University of Glasgow requires to collect, process and retain, certain personal data relating to you, by virtue of your role in the University. All personal data provided by you will be treated strictly in accordance with the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 (The Act). Also, by virtue of your work for the University, you are placed under certain obligations and responsibilities to ensure that the Principles of the Act are adhered to. For further information: Honorary status holders are subject to the University’s Personal Data Statement

Applicant Certification

I hereby certify that the information given is complete and correct. I will comply with any relevant regulations to my role, including the University IT regulations if IT is provided. I hereby agree to automatically assign to the University Court all of my right and title to any Intellectual Property created in the course of my honorary activities. This aligns with and satisfies clause 5, especially 5.3 and its sub-clauses contained in the University's IP and Commercialisation policy, as applicable to honorary employees, hereby extended to apply to all those holding honorary status.

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