School of Medicine

Abstract submission is now closed.

Instructions for Authors

Abstracts must be submitted online, where you will be guided through the process. Any abstract submitted on paper or in a format other than specified will be rejected.

Deadline for Submissions

Friday 11th September 2023 5:00 PM.

Abstract Presentations

All abstracts will be reviewed and selected for Oral or Poster presentation. If you have a preference please indicate on the abstract submission form.

Submission of Abstracts

Click on Submit Abstract button and follow the submission instructions carefully and in particular please note:

Notification of Review

The results of abstract selection will be notified to applicants by Friday 29th September. Oral presentations should be provided using powerpoint.
Oral presentations should be e-mailed to no later than Wednesday 1st November 2023.
Posters will be in e-poster format - All posters should be Portrait style, 9x16 size (which is 1080x1920 pixels for display on a 50" screen).
Poster presentations should be e-mailed in the above format to no later than Wednesday 1st November 2023.

Additional Information

Whilst the format of the actual meeting this year is still to be guided by social distancing measures, plans are nevertheless, underway for this event to take place on Friday 3rd November 2023. Please submit your abstract and we will circulate more information on venue and format for the GRPD as soon as possible.

Abstract submission is now closed.